In Play Betting Guide

In Play betting, also known as live betting, is one of the most popular forms of betting in Ireland and it’s growing each year.

In Play betting gives you the ultimate thrill as you choose from hundreds of different bet types on various sports while the events develop. It means you’re in complete control of your bets at the time you want to make them — and gives you the best opportunities to back the odds that are right for you.

But how does In Play betting work? In this guide, you will learn about the differences between betting and In Play betting, the benefits of developing your understanding of In Play betting, and how live streaming can further aid your decision making.

The Difference Between Betting and In Play betting 

How do I bet In Play?

Best bookies for in play betting

In Play betting has opened up the world of sports gaming to a whole new level. Not only can you bet In Play, you can also watch matches, follow the live stats and even cash out midway through the action. In the following, we will briefly present the bookmakers who, in our opinion, are the best choices if you want to make a profit by prioritizing live sports betting.

Sport live streaming with Unibet TV has revolutionised online betting in recent years. And it has also made In Play betting the forefront of the industry. You can live stream and bet on thousands of sporting events each year with Unibet. They offer their services on football, basketball, hockey, tennis and a whole range of other sports.

Watch live sports and bet In Play through your computer, smartphone or tablet. The Unibet app can be downloaded and installed to ensure you get the latest odds fast, as well as the up-to-date live streams. Action Betting is a unique feature of our Live Betting product. It gives you an exciting betting experience where you can place bets fast as lightning, usually on the next event in a specific sport. Action Betting results are confirmed much faster than standard bets, and give you the chance to win in less than 60 seconds.

Unibet has the largest selection of Action Betting markets in the widest range of sports. You can experience Action Betting for sports like football betstenniscricket, basketball, volleyball, darts and many more. In order to place an Action Bet simply look for the red lightning bolt logo in the Live Betting section, place your bets, watch the action unfold and receive your winnings within seconds.


Bet365 offers the widest range of events available on the irish market at this moment. Same goes for the in play betting platform as you can choose from literally hundreds of sporting events on a daily basis.
It is true that football plays a major role in their sportsbook, but you can also bet on greyhound and horse races, table tennis, Australian football, basketball, rugby, indoor football, horse racing and even badminton matches. Bets on multiple matches can be combined in an ACCA and each betting slip has the cash out feature. If you register with Bet365, you will automatically become a subscriber to the world’s largest online sport channel. You can strem live the matches of the most important football leagues, or matches from the NHL, NBA and MLB, as well as horse races. No online or Tv channel can provide as many live broadcasts as Bet365. The only condition is that we have a positive balance in our account or we’ve placed a bet in the last 24h!


Tips for in play betting

Here are some rules you should follow if you want to maximize your winnings with real-time betting. These rules are fairly easy to understand and apply. However, you’ll also find some tips that aren’t mandatory to follow, but can help you make more profit in the long run with real-time betting.

Rule 1: Always focus
You might want to make in play betting a group activity. Imagine having some friends over to watch a football match, and you decide to throw some money on a random bet. This is exactly what you’ll be doing: throwing away your money. It may seem strange at first, but you take better decisions when you are alone and not surrounded by others, as this way you can focus exclusively on your bets.

Rule 2: Never lose control
If you don’t trust your choices and are unsure of what to bet on, you’re better off not betting. I’ve seen some of my friends place completely unrealistic in play bets, just because the odds were very promising, trusting their luck alone in order to win the huge amounts. 

Rule 3: Know exactly what you are betting on
Perhaps this is the most important rule. It is vital that you are familiar with the sport, the competition and the teams you bet on. Of course, in football as in any other sport, teams or players can find themselves in different situations during a match, so it is very important to watch the match live and get as much information possible about the teams before the event starts.

Rule 4: Timing is very important
This rule is especially important when talking about real-time bets. If Arsenal are at a disadvantage against Chelsea 10 minutes before the end of the match, there is no point in betting on Chelsea winning. Although the odds can be very attractive, they are not in your favor!

Rule 5: You need to know when to stop
This rule is one of the hardest to follow, but ignoring it will result in losing most of your money. There are matches where logical arguments and intuition doesn’t help, so you will get frustrated when you see all your bets losing. In such cases, it is better to stop or try to minimize your losses. Unskilled bettors usually do the opposite. When they lose a few bets in a row, they bet even more than usual, hoping to turn their luck and regain the amount they have lost so far.


Betting Tips


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