What does the DNB bet mean and which bookies offer it

Find out how you can safely bet on the winner of a match using DNB type bets (Draw No Bet), the option that returns your stake in case of a draw. Discover betting strategies based on the DNB option, and see how you can increase your chances of winning by using it constantly!


Why is this option so popular with bettors?

What happens if I have a DNB bet on an ACCA (multi bet)?

If we place a DNB bet as a single bet and the match ends in a draw then we receive the money back. But if we have such a bet on a betting slip with more predictions and the game ends with a draw, then we receive the odds of 1.00 for that match. For example, if we have an ACCA with four predictions of 1.50, 1.60, 1.70 and 1.85, the odds of the ACCA total 7.58. If the 1.60 prediction is a DNB and the match ends in a draw, but the other bets win, then the ACCA will have the final odd of 4.74.

Suppose we choose eight games where the odds for 1 × 2 are very balanced (for example: 2.85 / 2.85 / 2.85). We choose to play all bets as DNBs, at odds of 1.90. Odds are lower, but we are covered if one or more games end in a draw. Our eight-match ACCA odds are 169.83. If for five of them our bet is a winner and another three end in a draw then we have final odds of 24.76. However, we receive a substantial amount of money, although we did not win all the predictions, as long as no match is won by the other team.

Why bet on DNB for football?

It all comes down to math. Let’s have a look at what this means:

– for a bet with 3 possible results, i.e. 1X2, mathematically you have a 33% chance of winning
– for a bet with 2 possible results, i.e. DNB, from a mathematical point of view you have a 50% chance of winning
We have to borrow the “rules” from poker, where the theory tells us that if we play the same hand 10 times, according to statistics we would win or draw at least 7 times. Poker players don’t base themselves on luck, but on math.

The same goes for betting. Why bet on something where from the start you have a 33% chance of winning, when the best bookies offer you the opportunity to increase your chances of winning? I was telling you of a 50% chance of winning, but I did not take into account the situation in which you also analyze the match and make a fully informed decision , therefore the chances can increase even more.

Other terms for DNB

We mentioned at the beginning of this article that DNB stands for Draw No Bet. Even so, not all bookmakers use this term, although most of them do.  Below you will find the most popular alternative names for DNB:

– 1 2 (stakes will be returned if match ends in a draw)
– stake reimbursed equally
– 1 2 special bet
– Asian handicap 0
– DNB Winner



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