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The 2020-2021 Premier League season starts September 12th, 2020. The 29th edition of Premier League will end after 38 stages on May 23rd, 2021. Bookies always offer a lot of Premier League bets, and our team of tipsers will offer you Premier League tips for free the entire season. 

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Premier League Tips: what are the best markets to bet on?

Top teams in the Premier League season 2020/21

Undoubtedly, when we talk about Premier League tips for this season, we have to mention the fact that we are looking forward to a lot of interesting clashes and surprises. Liverpool won the title last year but, at least for the moment, dhas not made any spectacular transfers. But Manchester City has significantly strengthened its team. So did Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea. So we’re expecting a thrilling fight for the title! 

Premier League season 2020-21 – Who will win?

These are the current best odds that bookies are offering if you bet on your favorite team to win this season:

Premier League Tips
Premier League Tips
Premier League tips: how is this season going? (UPDATED NOVEMBER 1st 2020)

It’s fair to say this season has been a little stranger than normal. From no fans in stadiums to the absurd new handball laws, the Premier League, much like the rest of the world, has gone a little nuts. Here are seven of the craziest stats so far. The global pandemic has no doubt played a huge part. Deserted grounds have an eerie feel to them and the enhanced crowd noise just doesn’t come close to matching the magnificent spectacle of seeing a full, bouncing stadium.

Of the five clubs averaging two or more points per game, only two are among the league’s six richest clubs. Aston Villa have gone from barely surviving relegation in 2019-20 to leading the way in scoring and goal differential. Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City have all suffered jarring blowout losses. Southampton is ahead of both Liverpool and City in goal differential, and while the xG numbers make a little more sense — Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea are the top three clubs in that regard — Villa and Leicester are still fourth and fifth in xGD. City is eighth, behind Brighton. 

Despite early dysfunction, Manchester City is still the No. 2 betting favorite behind Liverpool, and there’s reason for that. Still, the longer this set of unexpected runs of form go — the longer Villa and Southampton crank out points, the longer that United, Arsenal and City leak points, the more the injury bug takes bites out of Liverpool, etc. — the more it’s going to alter the final table.

Aside from Villa, the most interesting team in the league to me at the moment is the one led by the possession master: Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City. The Sky Blues fit an odd profile last year, dominating from an xG perspective (more than Liverpool, even) but randomly getting sliced up by counterattacks and high-quality scoring chances, dropping a lot more points than the underlying numbers suggested they should have. The blueprint for beating City — not to mention plenty of other teams with the possession-and-pressing style — had been pretty clear for a while, but it appeared both that more teams were capable of executing it and City was occasionally less capable of stopping it. This season, on the other hand, they’ve just been mediocre. They’re currently on pace for just 65 points — usually good for about fifth place average — and unlike the last go-round, this isn’t simply a case of luck. They are eighth in expected goal differential, after all. Injuries have slowed City’s attack and while they’re still attempting fewer long balls than anyone else in the league, they’re also completing only 55% of the passes they attempt, down from 65% last year. (Letting veteran David Silva leave for Real Sociedad probably hasn’t helped with this.)

The drop-off in aggression has contributed to offensive stagnation but hasn’t helped the defense as much as Guardiola probably hoped.

Will he fix these issues? The odds are pretty good; he’s still got both a track record and a big payroll. But in an environment where possession might not mean as much as it used to, Guardiola’s fixes will have to be particularly good.

How does the Premier League work?

There are 20 teams in the Premier League. Each team plays everyone else home and away, which means there are 38 games per team in a season. Teams compete to finish top of the league and win the championship. However, there are also other battles to win during the course of the campaign. The top four Premier League clubs at the end of the season go into the following season’s Champions League. The team that finishes fifth gets an automatic spot in the Europa League.

Meanwhile, the three teams that finish bottom of the table are relegated to the Championship—so keep an eye out for the Premier League relegation odds! These teams will be replaced by three promoted teams from the Championship for the following season.

Every league position in the Premier League is worth fighting for. There is roughly £2m in prize money awarded for every place a team progresses up the division. So, the difference between finishing 10th compared to 16th can be a head-spinning amount of money.

Teams earn three points for a win, one point for a draw and none for a defeat. Generally a team is thought to require around 40 points to have a good chance of avoiding relegation.

Playing in the Premier League earns clubs around £100m minimum in TV money, while that figure can skyrocket if they qualify for Europe and finish high in the table. Games are played almost every weekend of the season from August to May, while there are also rounds of midweek fixtures. Many Premier League games are televised and so are not played at the ‘traditional’ 3pm Saturday kick off time. So be sure to check out the latest Premier League fixtures so you know when your favourite teams are playing!

Premier League Tips FAQ

Are there specific promotions for the Premier League matches?
The Premier league is a highly sought after championship, so betting agencies typically offer a lot of free bets, increased odds, risk free bets and promotions. If such offers are available, you will find them inside the article that contains the match preview and our predictions.

How can I watch the Premier League matches  online for free?
The best way to watch any Premier League matches for free, is to register with Unibet or Bet365. These 2 bookies offer free live streaming for all PL clashes and you can also bet live on a huge variety of markets such as: next corner, next goal, next yellow card etc. 

What is the best bookie for Premier league betting?
We recommend either Unibet or Be365, because, as mentioned above, here you will be able to stream and bet live on any PL matches. In addition, these two bookies generally offer the best odds for PL and the biggest variety of markets are available. Read our Unibet or Bet365 reviews to find out more. 

Why should I bet your Premier League tips?
Our tips are completely free and have an average winrate of 70%. The predictions are fully researched by our professional tipsters! We value quality over quantity, which is why we search for the best odds, we compare bookies and recommend the best online bookmaker for the accumulator. Meaning the one where, if you bet our tips, you’ll get the best value for your money! 


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