Online betting academy – learn everything you need to know to win when betting. Learn how to place more winning bets, see how and where you can do it legally, learn to bet like a professional – money management, sports betting strategies, betting analysis models and many other useful information are here for you…for free! So lay back, relax and start your free course now!

Today’s bettors are much more privileged than those of 10 years ago, because now you have all kinds of articles and tutorials a click away to help you become a better bettor. These articles teach you in detail absolutely everything you need to know, from the most important betting terms to how to play as a professional bettor. You just have to be patient and don’t forget one very important thing – just as a medical book doesn’t turn you into a doctor overnight, neither will these materials turn you into a successful gambler without a lot of work, research and some mistakes along the way!

Lesson 1: How to Get Started in Online Betting

How do I make money from sports betting? This is the question that any gambler asks himself sooner or later. So what’s the answer? Even if gambling is primarily a form of entertainment, let’s be serious, most bettors or casino gamblers do it in the hopes of an overnight enrichment, or at least to earn some extra money. No one wants to lose, that’s clear. So let’s see what are the most important things to keep in mind before you start betting online. Click on a lesson when you are ready to start!

Lesson 2: Betting terms & markets

Before betting, it is crucial to know the meaning of the main terms in sports betting, to know what kind of bets are available, and what betting options can increase your chances of winning. I’ve seen bettors who thought they were good, but had no idea what they were betting on. For example, exchange bets allow you to take the place of the bookmaker and be the one to offer odds, Asian handicaps (which are very important) help you place good odds bets on completely unbalanced matches, DNB bet brings your stake back if the team you bet on only draws, and the examples can go on. Learn more in the lessons below:

Lesson 3: Banking options for online betting

Lesson 4: Live betting/In Play betting & Extra Features

Lesson 5: The most popular betting strategies



Betting Tips


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