Bookies who will take 5€ deposits and double it or give you a bonus free bet!

Want to start betting online but you don’t have a big budget? Or maybe you are a beginner and you prefer being cautious with your expenses in order not to develop an addiction (which is actually a great way to approach gambling). Or, you just want to try your luck every now and then by spending as little as possible on a huge odd because you dream of a huge return and you trust your intuition. No matter which of these apply to you, there are reliable bookies who will take as little as 5€ as a deposit and even double it or give you a free bet when you open an account. Let’s have a look at our favorites!

Sports betting strategies that you can try for as little as 5€

Play roulette with little money!

If you feel lucky but don’t want to bet on sports, choose roulette instead. There are many ways you can play for as little as 1€. For example, you can set up an order: red – red – black. First you bet 1 euro on red. If your intuition is correct, you already have 2 euros, which you can bet on red again. In case of another win, you will have 4 euros, which you can bet again, but this time on black. Thus, you can achieve a triple winning streak. If you want to take more risks, you can continue with 3 more all-in bets, so the potential win reaches €64. The probability of hitting the color three times in a row is 12.5%, while that sixth time is 1.56%. At the same time, the potential winnings increase in proportion to the decrease in chances. Optimistic people believe that with every bet, there is a 50% chance that you win, but it’s up to you if you want to give it a try! To be fair, we do not consider this a strategy, and we personally don’t believe that there are any great or “safe: strategies to play any casino games (apart from blackjack where if you apply the proper strategy, you can significantly increase your odds). However, if you don’t mind risking 1€ and want to have some fun, you can definitely test the above roulette “strategy”. If not for doubling your money, at least for the thrill! 



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